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Universal Mounts With Wear Plate

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The 60272 Series Universal Mount incorporates a bonded steel wear surface for increased durability and ease of installation. The wear surface eliminates the need for a machined support structure hole. These isolators are manufactured using the same materials as the standard Universal Mounts, and can be used in the same types of applications.

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Item #

Color Code

Axial Load

Radial Load

60272-1 Yellow 215 max lbs 40 max lbs
60272-2 Red 360 max lbs 60 max lbs
60272-3 Green 490 max lbs 88 max lbs
60272-4 Blue 860 max lbs 133 max lbs
60272-5 White 1330 max lbs 185 max lbs
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1