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Mounts - Series 51512

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Compact 515 Series all-attitude mounts are a money-saving way to protect equipment from vibration and shock. High load capacity, stability, and the ability to be installed at any mounting angle make them ideal for a wide variety of applications, including vehicle cabs; truck, bus and marine engines; generators; air conditioning units; motors and electronic equipment. Available in seven basic sizes from 2" to 4 1/2" diameter, Mounts handle axial loads of 100 to 2700 Ibs. You can install them at any convenient mounting angle thanks to their "shouldered" core design that makes optimum use of the neoprene elastomer shear and compressive properties. They offer a fail-safe installation when the proper snubbing washers are used. Oil, fuel and solvent-resistant neoprene-with a temperature range of -20° to +180°F- provides isolation in all planes, regardless of the direction of the exciting forces. At maximum load, the natural frequency of these mounts is about 8.5 Hz. providing effective isolation from disturbing frequencies of 12 Hz. and above.

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Item #

Color Code

Axial Load

Radial Load

Max. Axial Load

Max. Radial Load

51512-1 Yellow 690 max. lbs 460 max. lbs 690 lbs 460 lbs
51512-2 Red 840 max. lbs 560 max. lbs 840 lbs 560 lbs
51512-3 Green 1020 max. lbs 680 max. lbs 1020 lbs 680 lbs
51512-4 Blue 1245 max. lbs 830 max. lbs 1245 lbs 830 lbs
51512-5 White 1500 max. lbs 1000 max. lbs 1500 lbs 1000 lbs
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1