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Machine Leveling Mounts - Metric

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When ever you need to protect heavy production equipment from vibration and shock, rugged series of Leveling Mounts will do the job to your full satisfaction

Designed to reduce machine noise and meet OSHA standards for anchorage, they also reduce or eliminate mechanical stress to the floor and the machine's component parts.

Their no-walk, no-creep performance lets you place your equipment wherever you wish without bolting it to the floor and to move it easily without re-anchoring or re-shimming. Even when immersed in oil, water or other hazards, the high strength steel housing and neoprene base resist failure for years of daily punishment.

We offer six standard load ranges to closely match your weight and dimensional requirements. Punch presses milling machines, injection molding equipment, lathes, compressors, mixers any equipment that generates motion internally or is affected by external vibration can be economically mounted for top performance plus complete portability.

Leveling is simple and quick with internal adjustment capability up to 1/2 inch above loaded height, just by a few turns of the leveling bolt. Then the locknut is tightened on the machine foot for a permanent, precise mount.

  • Easy Leveling
  • Reduce Installation and Relocation Costs
  • No Special Foundations
  • Isolate Vibration and Shock
  • Reduce Noise Levels
  • Meets OSHA Anchoring Standards
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Production Efficiency

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Item #

Dim. D


Min. Load

Static Height

Bolt Size x Length

Base Material

52221-1-M10 80 mm 230 kgs 45 kgs 38 mm M 10 x 1.5 x 80 mm Neoprene Elastomer
52224-M12 120 mm 450 kgs 135 kgs 38 mm M12 x 1.75 x 130 mm Neoprene Elastomer
52226-M20 160 mm 2040 kgs 230 kgs 41 mm M20 x 2.5 x 130 mm Neoprene Elastomer
52229-M24 230 mm 5900 kgs 1815 kgs 57 mm M24 x 3.0 x 180 mm Neoprene Elastomer
52248-M30 315 mm 11500 kgs 3500 kgs 70 mm M30 x 3.5 x 200 mm Neoprene Elastomer
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1