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Low Frequency Mounts I

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An exclusive vibration-damping technology from Tech Products makes Low Frequency mounts today's most effective way to isolate
vibration and keep shock from traveling to or from a product.

Low Frequency Mounts' unique design bonds a steel spring inside a matrix of oil/ozone-resistant neoprene. The springs absorb low
frequency vibrations, slowing and passing them on to the resilient neoprene. This material-made even more stable by the
springs-interrupts the sound path, prevents noise amplification caused by sounding board effects, and stops vibrations from being
transmitted to the floor or work surface.

Low Frequency mounts are made for your toughest vibration applications. They tame the effects of paint mixers, air conditioning
units, air compressors and more, indoors and out. There are models for loads from 50 to 4700 lbs. which exhibit 3.5 Hz natural
frequency at maximum load.

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Item #


Min. Load

Product Line

Color Code

Approx. Deflection at Min. Load

Approx. Deflection at Max. load

61503 400 lbs 50 lbs Tech Products Corporation Yellow 0.1 Inch 0.9 Inch
61505 1100 lbs 100 lbs Tech Products Corporation Green 0.1 Inch 0.9 Inch
61507 2600 lbs 250 lbs Tech Products Corporation White 0.1 Inch 0.9 Inch
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1