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Fail-safe Compression Mounts - Series 51700

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These fail-safe isolators are ideal for isolation of diesel engines and generators used in construction equipment, recreational vehicles and off-road equipment. The low natural frequency allows them to be used for computer and electronic equipment when there is a need for a "ruggedized" installation. They are also excellent isolators for compressors, motors, pumps and other machinery when skid mounted. These mounts offer a wide load range of 50 to 420 lbs., and have a high stiffness ratio of 6:1 axial-to-radial. The standard Elastomer is neoprene, which is resistant to ozone, fuel and oils. It performs well at a temperature range of -20&#!76F to +180°F. Optional materials such as nitrile, butyl, silicone and others are available to meet your environmental conditions or military specifications.

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Item #

Product Line

Nominal Axial Static Load Range

Color Code

51700-1 Tech Products Corporation 50 lbs Yellow
51700-3 Tech Products Corporation 90 lbs Gold
51700-5 Tech Products Corporation 150 lbs Gold
51700-7 Tech Products Corporation 215 lbs Gold
51700-9 Tech Products Corporation 300 lbs Gold
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1