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All-Attitude Mounts - Series 522 Holder Style

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522 Series all-Attitude isolators protect stationary loads of 15-50 Ibs. and vehicular loads up to 30 Ibs. from vibration, shock and noise

An elastomer-in-compression design provides effective, fail-safe protection in any mounting position, even if the elastomer should be destroyed

The 522 Series plate style is for low profile use. Neoprene elastomer is standard but high damped silicone (HDS) is also available to meet application needs

HDS models-which meet MIL-E-5400 Vibration and shock requirements-have a temperature range of -65° to +300°F and a maximum transmissibility of about 3.5. Neoprene models have a temperature range of -20° to +180°F with excellent resistance to oil and ozone. Radial to axial stiffness ratio on all models is about 0.6

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Item #

Color Code

Max. Static Load

Vehicular Load Range

Temp. Range

52205-H Red 15 lbs 4-7 lbs -65 to +300 °F
52206-H Green 25 lbs 8-11 lbs -65 to +300 °F
52207-H Yellow 35 lbs 12-17 lbs -65 to +300 °F
52208-H Blue 50 lbs 18-30 lbs -65 to +300 °F
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1