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Bullet-Nose Bushings

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Bullet-nose round pins and diamond pins are often used together (with matching bushings) to align two pieces of a fixture. The diamond pin is relieved, to locate only radially around the round pin, avoiding redundant location. This prevents binding, yet still maintains high accuracy. The pin's shank diameter and the bushing's OD are the same size to allow boring the installation hole in both fixture pieces at the same time, for greater accuracy. The pin's head and shank diameters are concentric to within .0005 TIP. The bushing's ID and OD are concentric to within .0003 TIR.

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Item #

Nominal Dia- A

Nominal Dia- B

Actual Dia. B

Nominal Dia. C

Nominal Dia. C

Dim. D

Dim. E

CLB-8000 9/16 Inch 1/4 Inch .2501 Inch 13/32 Inch .4075 mm 7/16 Inch 1/16 Inch
CLB-9000 5/8 Inch 5/16 Inch .3126 Inch 1/2 Inch .5014 mm 7/16 Inch 1/16 Inch
CLB-10000 3/4 Inch 3/8 Inch .3751 Inch 5/8 Inch .6265 mm 7/16 Inch 1/16 Inch
CLB-11000 7/8 Inch 1/2 Inch .5001 Inch 3/4 Inch .7515 mm 1/2 Inch 1/16 Inch
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1