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Item # LM-BP-1/LM-BP-2, Milling Machine Leveling Mounts

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  • Easy Installation.
  • For the Series 1 and 2 Standard Vertical Milling Machine.
  • Easy Installation of your Machine with the Milling Machine Leveling Mounts.

Installation Instructions for Standard Machines
To prevent serious injury be sure that machine is securely held before continuing installation Refer to Installation Manual for proper lifting instructions.

To Install Mounts
  1. Lift machine (only as prescribed in instruction manual) enough to slide mount under base with tabs next to edge of machine.
  2. Insert bolt through clearance hole in foot and engage threads into mount.
  3. Turn bolt until it bottoms out and bring down lock nut "finger-tight."
  4. Lower machine onto floor.
To Level Mounts
  1. Turn leveling bolts just enough more to level machine.
  2. Tighten down lock nuts.


·  Before Leveling

·  After Leveling